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My case shattered for no reason, cracked after falling onto a shag carpet, or was damaged in a similarly unimaginable event that should not have caused damage to the phone, can I get a replacement?

Last Updated: May 02, 2013 03:37PM PDT
It never hurts to fill out a claim form and attach some pictures and a receipt if you are in the warranty period. Worst case scenario, we might give you a healthy discount on a future purchase.

As a note, we've pretty much heard them all, and while you can try to give us a new story, your best bet is to just tell us the truth, we are much more likely to be sympathetic to you having dropped the case down 6 flights of stairs or had the dog chew on the bag than we are to "it just cracked for no reason" or "I had hardly anything in the bag and the strap just ripped out".

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